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Now you can easily pay through Venmo, show off your goods, or split purchases with friends! Venmo purchasing is available through Paypal.

Venmo is available as a payment option in select merchant apps and for select merchants on a mobile browser. In order to check out at these merchants using Venmo, you will need to have the Venmo app installed on your mobile phone and will need to opt-in to make purchases. Then, depending on the merchant, you can pay if you see a Venmo or Paypal button.

Follow the steps below.

If you see a PayPal button: 

  • Note: Mobile purchases need to be enabled in the Venmo app beforehand for the option to be displayed in Paypal and not have configured PayPal OneTouch.
    To enable: Open the Venmo app -> Go to the Buying Section-> Connect Browsers-> Connect your browser->Ready to go. Use Venmo to pay!
  • Now, that you are enabled, simply tap the PayPal button while shopping in a mobile browser to launch the checkout experience. A Venmo payment option will appear on the next screen if it is available.

Similarly to payments that you send to your friends, Venmo will first attempt to use money in your Venmo account when paying for your purchase. If you do not have enough money in your Venmo account to cover the entire cost of the purchase, Venmo will charge the full amount to the card or bank account you have on file that you have designated for purchases. You can read more about how to change your funding source here.

For full documentation and setup visit the Venmo website for official news and info.

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