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October 4, 2019 Refresh CBD LIp Balm

Give your Lips the Attention they Deserve! CBD Lip Balm

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Refresh CBD LIp Balm

When summer fades and the cooler months begin to approach the one thing I always seem to be reaching for is my lip balm. Mainstream lip balms have always been my go to, but I’ve learned that it is extremely important to opt for a natural lip balm – as not only are the ingredients absorbed through your skin, they are also actually ingested.
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Smooth & Hydrated

Your everyday lip balms such as Blistex, Chapstick, and Maybelline all have petroleum listed as their main ingredient, but do you really know what that means for your lips? What many of these petroleum lip balms do is put a glossy coating on your lips making them feel extremely smooth and ever so hydrated, but in reality they are not actually penetrating the skin to solve the drought on those luscious lips. In fact, these products actually have the opposite effect, drying the skin out even more and making you feel as if you have to keep reapplying the balm to make your lips feel hydrated. Using a lip balm that has natural and genuinely hydrating ingredients is a far more effective method of moisturizing your lips!

Refresh CBD LIp Balm

Thoughtful Ingredients

Each and every ingredient in our Refresh CBD Lip Balm was carefully thought through to make sure that we are providing you with a lip balm of the utmost quality! We would NEVER dry you out with a petroleum-based balm; instead, we decided to use a rich Cocoa Butter that penetrates your skin as soon as you glide it across your lips. We also decided to feature ingredients like Chamomile, Hemp Seed Oil and Peppermint. Each of these ingredients gives our lip balm anti-inflammatory power, the ability to moisturize without clogging pores, and most importantly they help hydrate by regulating oil production on your skin!

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Yes, we know all of these ingredients are wonderful – but why stop there? Why not go one step further and add 25mg of CBD Isolate? Oh, that’s right, we did! The CBD we put in our balm is homegrown by our very own at L7 Hemp, right here in Colorado! The CBD is a great addition because it noticeably calms and soothes your lips. It’s neither greasy nor heavy, but still leaves that natural gloss look that everyone loves.

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