Generation Elle

Our name is Generation Elle,
also known as GenElle,
and we are

Field to Body

Wellness is our mission. Our farm, L7 Ag, located in North Eastern Colorado, grows hemp to serve those that are in need of a natural alternative to pain relief. Family owned and operated, we work together to bring you the very best hemp products available.

Just as our motto implies…we make the product, by first growing the source of the CBD in our family hemp fields. We choose the essential oil combinations that we have tested to be the best benefit for each product.
We have put our heart and soul into our hemp fields and are pleased to be able to offer them to you.

So many CBD choices…how do you pick one?

With so many CBD products flooding the market today, what makes us different? Being the farmers and the makers we are able to control every aspect from our seed that we put into the ground to the post-processing of our hemp.

We do it all.

Our handcrafted products are tested on friends and family members, not animals.

We also lab test all of our CBD for potency multiple times to ensure there is no THC and that you are getting the highest quality cannabidiol available.

L7 Ag’s Hemp is always free from insecticides, gluten and non-GMO. This time of year we focus on growing and cultivating our hemp and then get it ready for processing and post-processing in the fall.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us to reach out to us.

Meet the Team.

Lindi McNabb

Lindi is a GenElle co-owner and formulator. She has a good eye for detail, unlimited ideas, and energy. She leads the GenElle team with gusto and heads up multiple projects and companies without breaking a sweat.

Delfina Robles

Delfina is our product genius and co-owner. She is the heart behind all of the formulations. She has roots in herbalism and aromatherapy and has unparalleled understanding when it comes to combining oils.

Lizzie Holtorf

Lizzie does a little of everything. As well as being a cornerstone of our marketing team, she is our social media guru, juggling all accounts. When she is not being social, she helps out with manufacturing and photography.

Sabrina Tortora

Sabrina is the Art Department. She sleeps, eats, and breathes photography, package design, web design, and illustration. It’s never a dull day for her computer, but she wouldn’t have it any other way!


Jessica Lebsock

Jessica is the head of accounting and takes the lead as a behind the scenes organizer. She knows all the ins and outs of the business and has a wealth of information.